Brain Knobsession

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28 - Brain Knobsession‘Brain Knobsession’

11 x 14 high quality, signed print – $40

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#28 – Brain Knobsession (3/8/16)

This piece took about 144 hrs. Usually my art is mostly abstract, which means, “achieving it’s affects by mostly shapes and colors rather than realism”. In this piece, I added the outlined shape of a brain, then within it’s borders, I added abstract shapes. Once halfway complete with this piece I began to see in the design how the circles within circles looked like buttons or knobs, thus eventually calling it Brain Knobsession. Certainly working hours and hours and days upon days on a project, especially with this repetitive nature, could indeed be considered as obsessive behavior.

This art piece was created by using cheap Bic pens, my I.D. was used for all lines, and was completely hand drawn, with no computer generation or digital interference or editing whatsoever. The original is drawn on artist paper (Vellum), and 100# weight.

As a final note, when I began this piece, I worked long and hard on it for about 8-9 days, and while making myself lunch I spilled hot sauce on it. Knowing I couldn’t get the stains off the surface, and accepting how complaining about it wouldn’t help, I simply ripped the piece up, placed the pieces in the garbage and I proceeded to get another piece of artist paper out and start all over again. As a result of such a rare mistake, I committed to working double time on it than usual and finished ahead of the full month I set initially as a goal. Persistence and patience, I believe, paid off and this piece ended up as my favorite piece to date.