Checkered Bored Dome

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17 - Checkered bored dome‘Checkered Bored Dome’

8.5 x 11 high quality, signed print – $25

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!



#17 – Checkered Bored Dome (6/7/15)

One of the cool things about all of my art to date, is that it’s hand drawn, not computer generated, and that it is designed as I go. Rarely is something planned in my art. There are many hours spent working on each piece, and one mistake could ruin the entire work. I’ve learned that 50-60 hours into the making of a piece isn’t the best time to make a mistake or else I’ve wasted that much time. Because of this, I’ve determined to take my time. I’ve also resolved that if I’m just “not feeling it,” I’ll put it away and get back to it later.

I decided that if I never made a dime on this art once I was free, I’d already earned a lot of other things by creating art and receiving inspiration in prison, and had something constructive to do while locked down 20-22 hours a day. I’ve practiced patience, focus, and learned to engage my creative mind more and more. Every moment I’m doing my art, I’m a free man and enjoying myself.

In the rising world of computer generated imaging, versions of my style of art could be created a LOT faster than the 100 + average hours which my art takes me. While this is true, the value is in the human touch and creating it by hand. We like to reflect on how well “things” used to be made by hand years ago.

I’ve called this piece “Checkered Bored Dome” as a reference to the intense boredom and semi-isolation, and in how my dome, or head, mind, and spirit can stay active and engaged. Who else has the time to hand make art like this? HA!