Cluster Fluster

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24 - Cluster Fluster‘Cluster Fluster’

8.5 x 11 high quality, signed print – $25

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#24 – Cluster Fluster (12/14/15)

Working 3-5 hours a day, or as I felt inspired, this piece took 150 hours to complete. Though I’ve been using 11 x 14 artist paper regularly, by this time I’d run out of that size and ordered more through the D.O.C. Commissary, which takes a couple of weeks to come in. I had to use leftover 9 x 12 paper that I still had.

I’ve spoken in previous writings about my life since coming to Oregon, and how I’ve no doubt opened a creative side to myself, but also about being sensitized in the mind, to a point where subtleties and the invisible nature to things and others has gripped my attention on a big level.

Not all experiences have been an excellent feeling and some things have been hard to deal with, but mostly hard to understand. I’ve noticed for sure how there is a relative design or certain personal process I’m in. On one hand this process is beautiful and encouraging, but I get flustered when too much is going on in my head, much is happening, and those thoughts are seemingly clustered about my mind. When that happens, I can’t quite reach or define it. This piece Cluster Fluster represents the paradox of the beauty and flustered impatience to understand it all.

As in the piece, every circle and it’s independent beauty shows the tremendous value of any one thing. All together in said cluster, it’s still beautiful to see, experience and to reflect upon the whole being equally frustrating.