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22 - Coalescence‘Coalescence’

11 x 14 high quality, signed print – $40

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#22 – Coalescence (10/11/15)

This piece only took 62 hrs, and I love the colors in it! Coalescence means to, “come together and form one whole”. When I first came to Portland, I began to engage a personal spiritual process. I noticed how I became ultra-sensitive to the subtle nature of me and my environment. While processing my new condition, it was as though I began to relate to all things around me as, at least familiar, and some as relative to me in other ways. In this state of mind, it was easy to feel closely connected to anything I focused upon, even connected to others around me, whether they were consciously aware of it or not. To a further degree, it seemed to be a condition of self in my life, where everything seemed to be in sync with me in subtle ways, including my perceptions and thoughts of the moment. Definitely things and others around me were coming together, as if to form a greater potential in me to grow from. This piece is simple. The circles represent cycles, and the center mass reminded me of the coalescent effects I experienced in my spiritual process.