Confined Re-Action

Click on image to enlarge1 - Confined Reaction‘Confined Re-Action’

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#1 – Confined Re-Action (12/25/13 to 12/28/14)

On Christmas Day, 2013 I entered prison for my 6th time. I got transferred to prison from the Multnomah County Jail in Portland, Oregon where I was originally being held. The first prison you go to is a super maximum facility called Coffee Creek Correctional Institution. Coffee Creek is a processing facility for men, but it also is Oregon’s only female prison. You are locked up in a small cell for 22 hours every day, so it’s easy to feel totally isolated.

To combat my depression, anxiety and feelings of total isolation I started creating art. There weren’t a lot of art supplies around, so we were limited to just pen and paper, and whatever you could find to draw shapes and sizes. The paper that I used for this piece is paper that the Department of Corrections gives inmates to write letters to their family and friends. It is very thin, cheap recycled paper but it’s all that I had to work with at the time. You only get a few sheets at a time and if you want more you have to go and ask the guards and hope they are in a good mood. Pens with actual ink in them can be hard to come by as well. And the things I used to draw some of the shapes and sizes, such as the tops to shampoo bottles and coffee cups are also very hard to come by. For this piece I used only a Bic ink pen, the bottom of a coffee cup and my plastic prison issued ID card.

At the time I was creating this piece there were so many things going through my mind, and my emotions were running very high when I began doodling on the paper. I decided to name this piece “Confined Re-Action”, which I think the meaning of is obvious in the art piece if you look at it closely.