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9 - Coterie‘Coterie’

8.5 x 11 high quality, signed print – $25

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#9 – Coterie (6/27/14)

I worked on this piece for over 175 hours, and it was one of two pieces I was working on at the same time. Once I got moved from the Oregon State Penitentiary to Shutter Creek Correctional Institution I had a little more access to things I could use to create art. I was even able to borrow a real art stencil from another prisoner. All the curves on this piece were made with that borrowed stencil. Everything else was made using my prison issued ID card, and I used a blue Bic ink pen that I purchased from the prison canteen.

Coterie means “exclusive circles”. I really like this piece because it is beautiful, and also because it reminded me of the universe and helped me escape into the creation of myself and the fantasy ponderings of such potential. I really enjoyed working on it.