Cover Charge

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25 - Cover Charge‘Cover Charge’

11 x 14 high quality, signed print – $40

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#25 – Cover Charge (12/15/15)

I accomplished this piece while at O.S.P, using Bic blue, purple and red cheap commissary pens, purchased for 30 cents each, or acquired through the inmate black market, due to red, and purple not being authorized colors. No digital work is done on any of my pieces. They are each hand-drawn with tedious and painstaking care.

Cover Charge is completed using the edge of my inmate issued plastic I.D. card only. The inspiration of this piece came from experience with all the different men and personalities. Though we are in one prison and one place as the whole piece illustrates, each circle and and the details within reminds me of each personality here in prison. The overlapping and/or combining of each piece represents how each man influences each other in such tight spaces here in prison. Very much like a small social influential organism.

I learned to maneuver ink pens consistently like I have learned to master colors and technique in such pieces thus far.