Emotive Confinement

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2 - Emotive ConfineMent‘Emotive Confinement’

8.5 x 11 high quality, signed print – $25

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#2 – Emotive Confinement (12/25/13 to 1/22/14)

This piece was actually started on the same date (Christmas Day) as another piece I did called “Confined Re-Action”, but was not really done as an art piece per se, nor was it considered to be finished until 1/22/14. This began as a simple doodle or practice sheet so I could see what kinds of different shapes and sizes I could create using just a coffee cup, a fruit cup, a shampoo lid and my prison issued ID.

What’s really crazy and sad about this piece is that if you turn this art piece over you will find that I drew it on the backside of a ‘suicide prevention’ handout that they give inmates. Because it was my 6th time in prison, I can assure you dear reader that I definitely did read the suicide prevention sheet in its entirety. Without my art to work on, who knows whether or not I would have entertained suicide as a possibility of escape from the difficult life I’ve had, but it’s a very real possibility that I wouldn’t be hear now writing these words if it weren’t for my art.

“Emotive Confinement” is a good name for this piece for many obvious reasons. It describes some of my feelings about myself while in isolation. I finished this piece in late January and worked on it on and off as practice while creating other art pieces.