In-to-mess-sense (intumescence)

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23 - In-to-mess-sense‘In-to-mess-sense (intumescence)’

11 x 14 high quality, signed print – $40

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#23 – In-to-mess-sense (intumescence) (11/4/15)

A good 120 hours went into this one. As with all my art, I wait until completion to begin the naming process. I reflect on how I felt and the thoughts I was having during creation, and usually many emotions and considerations had to do with experiences I’ve had in Portland, Oregon.

This piece was different. The name I gave it refers to a very strong energy I felt around me as I drew, like feeling subtle ties in Portland, but being in prison, I felt the negativity and fears in the men around me. This rose out of me too, like the word intumescence suggests, but the feelings and energy was horrible. In this piece, each group of circles represents those around me in other cells, perhaps even those making me feel their pain and negativity too. The rising up of energy and emotions that seemed to be from others around me made me feel like I was in-to-mess-sense too.

I have felt hypersensitive to negative energy, as many times as I’ve felt connected to the emotions and excellent feelings in the positive environment from those around me. Of course the latter has only happened while in Portland and free, and not as yet, in any prison sentence to date.