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12 - Introvertex‘Intro-vert-ex’

8.5 x 11 high quality, signed print – $25

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#12 – Intro-vert-ex (3/23/15)

The name of this piece is a combination of the words ‘introvert’ and ‘vertex’. An introvert is concerned with thoughts and the mind, and vertex means “many things culminating or meeting at a higher point”. As in this piece you can see the design goes ‘in’ and comes ‘out’.

This piece also compares to an experience my friend Chris and I had over this art. Chris was a fellow inmate who is a friend of mine and whom has inspired me a lot in general, but more specifically about creating my art. During the middle of doing this piece Chris and I were arrested (yes, arrested while in prison! What a concept.) and put in the hole together. The prison where we were at, Shutter Creek Correctional Institution, accused us of “conspiring” to do business together because we had been talking about creating a business to sell inmate art. The name Chris had already picked out for the venture was ‘Windows in Time’. The Department of Corrections actually charged us with ‘Distribution in the first degree’, ‘Disobedience of an order’, ‘Unauthorized use of information systems’ and ‘Contraband 2’. This was all over me sending my art to Chris’ mother for safekeeping and storage. Chris’ mom sent me copies of my art back so I could have them, but she put the originals in storage. Chris and I also talked a lot about my art and the possibility of selling it once I got released. That was it!

The D.O.C. main concern, and the reason why they arrested us, was that we didn’t have the right paperwork to even talk about starting a business in prison, which we weren’t going to do anyways. We spent several weeks in the hole together over this silliness.

To be arrested while in prison already and put in the hole for something as insignificant as ‘conspiring to sell my art’ was really a travesty of justice, and complete waste of scarce government resources. However, when I was in the hole with Chris he told me that we were in there together for reasons other than what I thought. He said that there was a higher purpose in all of it. Chris thought that we had karma to work out together, and even though I resisted this for several days, I ended up seeing proof of that very clearly.

This piece was created using nothing more than my prison issued ID card with its rounded corners and four straight edges. And, as is the case with almost all my art, I used a blue Bic pen that I bought at the prison canteen. It is amazing that I can do an entire piece of art, spend almost 200 hours working on it and all for the low price of 30 cents for the pen and a piece of paper!