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16 - Pensation‘Pen-sation’

8.5 x 11 high quality, signed print – $25

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#16 – Pen-sation (4/13/15)

This piece took 141 hours to complete, again using only a cheap black Bic Round Stic pen, and my prison-issued plastic ID card’s edge. I really would’ve enjoyed making this piece with color, but black and blue have been the only easy colors to obtain.

During the days working on this particular piece, I was assigned to laundry duty in the clothing room at the Oregon State Penitentiary. That’s where I met the notorious Keith Jesperson: aka The Happy Face Killer. This 6’4, 325 lb., guy sorted dirty clothes in the shower area in preparation for laundering. He couldn’t have been a more personable guy. He was candid about his crimes, and spoke about them in a matter-of-fact way, as if they were part of normal behavior. This was a little creepy, but I was in an odd place with many extreme personalities.

During this piece, I utilized squares and rectangles, using distortion in how they fan out. This emphasized degrees of difference, just like the differences in each man here in prison, even with the distorted ones too… 🙂 This is how I named it Pen-sation. replacing the “S” in sensation with a “P,” allowing for the word “Pen” to be included and allowed to stand for two things simultaneously.

#1) The pens I use to create all my art, and #2) the shortened word of “Penitentiary” in which all my art has been created in. Very Pen-sational pieces… 🙂