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19 - ShapeShifty‘ShapeShifty’

11 x 14 high quality, signed print – $40

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#19 – ShapeShifty (8/9/15)

This piece took 107 hrs to complete. There are a couple of things that make this piece different from all of the previous ones.

The first pieces were created at Coffee Creek Correctional, and drawn on whatever paper I could find at the time. The next several pieces of art were generally done on 9 x 12” 100# artist paper. In total the first 18 pieces I created were done on smaller paper. Shape Shifty is my first 11 x 14 piece done on 100# artist paper. This size was recommended to me by my friend Chris.

Periodically I was able to acquire a red pen to work on my art with. Red pens are generally not allowed, except for staff to use, but often times at Oregon State Penitentiary, the department overlooked the petty stuff and concentrated on what really mattered. The color purple is in this piece too, making this piece four colors in total, even though technically only two colors were authorized.

I call it ShapeShifty because the top left area and bottom right area, or quarter are the same except reversed. The same is also true with the bottom left quarter and top right areas. The shapes used are similar or the same, yet shifted. This piece isn’t as detailed as others, but is cool to look at.