Ship Shapes

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27 - Ship-Shapes‘Ship Shapes’

11 x 14 high quality, signed print – $40

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#27 – Ship Shapes (2/13/16)

This piece took me longer then it should have. When I began this piece on 1-12-16, I worked on it for about twice as many hours each day since I became aware that I was being released from prison in about 2 1/2 months, and my goal was to have 30 pieces done. Unfortunately, when I was near half-way done on the piece, I had a cell-search. The prison officials do what’s called “tossing” your cell, looking for contraband such as having too many D.O.C. issued articles of clothing or other items. While tossing the cell, my art piece was put in a pile of various items, causing food and coffee to be spilled all over it.

When I came back to my cell I was mad. I didn’t complain about it or cause a fuss because I truly tried to maintain a low profile in prison. Grieving about anything doesn’t do much, except for putting a target on myself. Instead of acting out my anger, I instantly got out some more artist’s paper and began again, this time even more determined to work steady on it so I didn’t lose any time on it. I worked long hours on it, and when complete it reminded me of some kind of space ship, like does. So, with the shapes the way they are, I called it Ship-Shapes.