Six Times Down

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20 - Six Times Down‘Six Times Down’

11 x 14 high quality, signed print – $40

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#20 – Six Times Down (8/14/15)

Though this piece only required 38 hrs to complete, I think it looks cool as a decorator piece. The name 6 X means “6 Times Down.” It relates to how many times I’ve been sent to prison. I’m certainly not proud of being a six time loser, as some might say, but it’s simply a fact I cannot escape… HA. The piece shows what could be perceived as six sets of bars all overlapping one another and staggered a bit. The staggering of each group of overlapping bars refers to different prison terms or “sets”, as they are called in here. Perhaps that is supposed to represent a “set” of days, months, or years, but it’s also a distinction from any other prison sentence served.

The various colors of red, black, blue and white simply serve the purpose of showing how I’ve lived a colorful life. All pens used are “Bic” Round Sticks. Some are “Ultra” Round Sticks. The only pens issued here at the Oregon State Penitentiary are black and blue.

This piece was packaged and sent to a friend’s mother to hold and store for me until my release this past March. My friend Chris and I planned early on to make prints of this one for sale on the website that Chris would (and did) build for me. This artwork (1-20) so far, is the most constructive action I’ve committed in quite some time. I know that there will not be a 7th X !