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15 - Square d‘Square-d’

8.5 x 11 high quality, signed print – $25

Each numbered print is personally signed by the artist!


#15 – Square-d (4/27/15)

This piece took me about 108 hrs. One of the cool aspects of working so long on one piece, though it seems simply repetitive, is the reflection time spent while creating it- dare I say- “quality time.” Even though a computer could generate something like this much faster, I challenge myself to make no mistakes or go out of line. When I do go out of line, I practice changing the design or adapting to the mistake, turning it into something positive. This taught me lessons in life too. When in recent years I would make a mistake in life, instead of changing course by a little adapting and moving on in positive ways, I would use such mistakes as an excuse to give up and live the life patterns known to end with me in prison.

Though most observers of my art never notice these mistakes that have been turned into the art’s positive design…I know. Working through and with the mistake, and turning it into positive aspects or design enhancements has taught me to do the same in my own actions and thought processes. Knowing how mistakes can lead to a multitude of positive factors in your life if you let them, led to it’s title: Square-d.

Changing your design to something new and positive causes resulting circumstances to change in design along with positive affects in life and character. Incidentally, the prison floor (or “block”) was shaped like a big square and the block itself was called “D” block.