I especially like “Elemental Eye” and “Quantum Eyz.” The “eye” and “eyes” draw the viewer into the details to fully enjoy the art. I also enjoy “Space Craft, i.e” I confess it pulls me toward a Star Trek or Star Wars place. But then the details amaze me and draw me further in. Realizing the art is ink from a pen blows my mind. The focus Phil had to have to do this is incredible. Having one or more of his pieces in my home would certainly create interesting conversation! Realizing the stories behind each piece is very unique and special. I look forward to the official opening of his “Pensational” website! – Mickie-Mae Johnson


You’ll swear the images are digitally created. Unreal that they’re done BY HAND. Such painstaking detail- structured but pulls my emotions to the surface while peaking my curiosity. They will BLOW YOUR MIND. – Betsy Wolfe


These are amazing! – Debbie Willis Cowart-Pearson


Beautiful work! I love it. – Robin Berry


Gorgeous!! I was just on your site looking at your amazing drawings. From one to the next, they were all stunning. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. If I had to pick one, I would say “Spacecraft.ie” was the most intriguing. The three dimensions were mind-blowing, and such precision. What a talent! You have a fan in me! Please let me know if you’ll be showing your artwork in a gallery in my area, I will be sure to attend. I’m SO glad this (site was) pointed out to me. – Kristin Ottolino


These are amazing!!!! – Barbara McDannell


Amazing! – Wendy Hare Herbst


Wow, they’re beautiful. – Michelle Grismer


Amazing. Just spend 30 minutes viewing online. Do you have pricing yet or is that pending the online store launch? I would love to be able to view the originals in a gallery. – Vanessa Angelo


His story…would be interesting to read. The artwork is beautiful. I especially love the one In to Mess. I would love that for my wall at my office. I hope this is his gateway into something great for him and his family. – Courtney Wander


Phil’s works are geometric, structure pieces that still manage to give the impression of movement. In fact it is both the highly structured base nature and the deviating variants that give these pieces character. “A Whittle of the Chip,” “Octo-birr Spectacle, “Confined Re-Action” have mandala-like qualities of confined patterning, while deviating from the normal symmetry in typical mandalas to show more of the artists mind. Most of the work has a theme of blue throughout, and looking at the spread of them, they give the impression of being blue-prints of a thought or a moment. I look forward to seeing this artist develop his offerings and talent. – Carolyn Neumann


These are amazing. Each piece looks like they took a long time. Very intricate and cool. – Sherry Tidwell