Windows In Time, A Checkered Past

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13 - Windows in Time A Checkered Past‘Windows In Time, A Checkered Past’

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#13 – Windows in Time, A Checkered Past (4/2/15)

This piece took me over 80 hours to complete. As usual I used only ‘D.O.C. approved’ items. My state issued prison ID was used for some of the straight edges, and I was able to buy some 100 lb. Vellum paper from the prison canteen.   I also bought a blue Bic ink pen that I used for most of this piece. The D.O.C. only allows prisoners to buy blue pens as they use the red ones for the prison schoolteachers, and the staff and administration use the black ones.

This is a way that the D.O.C. can try and prevent prisoners from forging things. I’ve been to seven different prisons in Oregon and all but one of the seven sells blue pens. If you get caught with any other color besides the blue pens you can be charged with having unauthorized contraband. The only place that I’ve been that will actually give you another color pen is the Oregon State Penitentiary, where I was when I created this piece. I took advantage of the ability to have more than one color pen to create this piece.

I named this piece ‘Windows in Time, A Checkered Past’ because there is a magnified window in the lower right corner and the whole piece is filled up with checkers. Also, it represents my life in the past, because my life and past have been ‘checkered’ with things that have led me to prison a number of times. In prison I’ve experienced so much darkness and light, but without these extreme experiences I wouldn’t have turned out to be the creative person that I am now. Thus the vertical lines represent more color about my life now as a result of my checkered past.